SVV Original Enzian

Fest und Treu Halt'n Z'am, Die Buam und Deandl'n vom Enzian

United and Loyal We Stand Together, The Men and Women of Enzian

Original Enzian is one of the oldest traditional German folk dancing groups in North America.

Our goal is to promote and preserve the Bavarian tradition of Schuhplattler dance and music.

We hold two major events each year open to the public, the Long Island Bavarian Heritage Festival and the Bauernball. We also perform at many other venues throughout the year.

If you would like to see us at one of these events take a look at our calendar or if you are interested in us performing at one of your events, you can contact us here.


Link to "virtual" Bavarian Festival

On: Jun 13, 2020

Follow this link for the "virtual" Bavarian Festival starting at 8:00pm EST on Saturday, June 13th:

"virtual" Bavarian Festival

On: May 23, 2020

Given the current state of the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic, we will not be able to hold our 46th annual L.I. Bavarian Heritage Festival at the Plattduetsche Biergarten as originally planned. But fear not; your friends at Original Enzian are actively working on hosting a “virtual” Bavarian Festival to stream “live” music, dancing and Oktoberfest atmosphere directly to your homes. Our “virtual” event is scheduled for June 13 (Saturday) at 8pm. Mark it on your calendars and stay tuned for updates!

98th Anniversary Bauernball

On: Feb 14, 2020

Please join us at our 98th annual Bauernball at Plattduetsche Park in Franklin Square on Saturday, 7-Nov-2020. Hope to see you there.